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Think about your worst fear springing up in front of you, sometimes the thought of that happening is enough to trigger deep seated learned behaviours, like sweating, heart racing, dizzyness, nausia, sometimes panic attacks?  If this all sounds very familiar then your best option would be to choose hypnotherapy to resolve your fear.

It is actually not always necessary to use Hypnosis in the resolution of fears and phobias so even if you have reservations still about the Hypnosis I can still resolve your issues with any fear and phobia you may have without it.

Client Feedback

I couldnt believe how easy it was...during the therapy I was actually laughting at what I did to avoid daddy long legs as a child, the actions and behaviours had simply carried on into my adult life, and no matter what I did I couldnt shake the fear ....after one hour I was fine...I dont think we used what you called Neurol Linguistics and it was so simple to do.....thanks, I would certianly recommend you to my friends ....Mrs E

I had the most amaising fear of flying and had been the cause of us staying at home for holidays, the family were nagging me and I really wanted to be able to fly to Florida with them without the trauma and arguments that normally manifested as a result of my fear...after around an hour the fear had lessend quite considerably, and after a second visit dissapeared completely.  I actually flew to Florida this summer and loved every minute of the white knuckles and no arguments with the family...It was great.  Thanks so much.  Mrs P