For the best in solution focussed therapy

How would you like to be able to stop smoking without piling on the pounds, without the cravings and certainly without the bad moods?

If you've tried giving up before by going cold turkey, or using the patches, taken the inhalers or chewed the gum and are still smoking then Hynotherapy and all that it offers could be your solution. 

The relaxing therapy enables you to address the root cause of what is keeping you smoking, in a safe and confortable environment, and with the guarantee that I offer, you are assured of continued support for as long as you feel you need it.

The govenrment restrictions on where you are allowed to smoke, only serve to reinforce the smokers need to continue, however, if you feel you've now had enough of standing outside in the cold when your friends are inside, or if your fed up of missing out on socialising or finding yourself out of breath at a couple of flights of stairs then you might find you want to read on.. 

The health risks associated with smoking are well know and here are a few facts that you may not be aware of..

If you smoke for a lifetime, there is a 50% chance that your eventual death will be smoking related.  Half of all of these will be in middle age.

Smoking increases the risk of having a stroke or contracting Lung Cancer, which is a very difficult cancer to treat.  Long term survival rates are poor even with today's modern methods.

Harm to children in pregnancy is well publicised, and continuing to smoke after the birth may lead to increased risk of cot death, and further risk is placed on the child by smoking in the home, with children contracting infant respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, colds and pheumonia.

Although the health risks of smoking are cumulative, giving up can yeald health benefits regardless of your age when you give up, or the length of time you've been smoking.  Hypnotherapy enables you to change the habit for something more useful.  So why not give yourself a 2nd chance at life and reep the benefits of giving up now ...

Client Feedback

If you still need help deciding if hypnotherapy is for you then just read some of the comments I've had from my clients...

I just dont want a cigarette near me - i certainly couldnt smoke one - thank you so much...

I can't believe how easy that was...after just two hours it no longer seems like me to pick up a cigarette, I just dont want one...Mrs B

I am so grateful, you know of the problems with my cough, but now after just a couple of weeks, I feel so much better ...Thankyou for caring enough to be there for me ....Miss P

I was frightened this wouldnt work, because I've tried every way to give up...the therapy was an interesting insight into what actually was making me smoke....I'd deffinatley recommend you...Thankyou for helping me to change my life ...Mr F

I really was scared of coming, i didnt know what to expect.. it was lovely.. even just being so relaxed was really good... i could feel myself just floating and it was lovely, i didnt want to wake up !