For the best in solution focussed therapy

Balancing the Mind, Body & Soul, you can experience the Therapeutic power of reiki in your own home or at our therapy centre.

What is reiki?

A traditional complementary healing therapy used widely as an alternative to medicine, without the side effects.

What are the benefits?

Pain Releif ; stress releif ; Improved Sleep ; Releases blocked emotions ; increased vitality and energy ; detoxification & of course ... RELAXATION...

What can i expect during the treatment?

Each session is carried out with the client sitting or lying down in a relaxed and peaceful environment.  Reiki energy is transferred from the therapist to client through a series of non-invasive and light-touch techniques.  Most people experience a deep sense of inner calm, catharsis and wellbeing during and for a while after their session and with regular use can help to restore a permanent sense of calm and wellbeing.

who is it suitable for ?

Everyone.  It can be safely used alongside convention medicin and/or treatment.

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