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Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has had proven results in helping people with lots of different conditions, however it is most popular in helping people to stop smoking because of its wide publicity and of course becoming more popular as a result of stage hypnotists like Paul McKenna & Derren Brown. 

There are many branches of hypnotherapy and hundreds of uses.

Probably the most widely known use is to help people to stop smoking. However, hypnotherapy is also used to break many other habits, and to strengthen self-control.

Many celebrities have chosen Hypnotherapy to change their habits and you can be as successful as they have been in stopping smoking and regaining control of their bad habits.

It is very useful forstage fright, panic atacks, and overcoming fears and phobias, and it is wonderful for confidence boosting, exam nerves and other teenage anxieties.

Where the problems are more complex and there are deeper psychological indications, Hypnotherapy can be used in an analytical capacity, to give an insight into the subconscious triggers which can cause many unexplained symptoms.

More specialized branches can even deal with pain relief. You may have heard of Hypnosis being used as a natural anaesthetic in surgical operations, or to help with childbirth.

If the specific therapy that you are looking for is not listed from this page please call me to discuss a specific course of therapy to suit your personal circumstances.