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What is Hypnosis?

We all experience hypnosis daily, where our unconscious mind carries out many tasks for us. We are simply so familiar with them we take them for granted, like appearing to be present and interested in a dull business meeting, or like when we park the car after a long journey, wondering what route we took home, or when we wake just after the film to tell ourselves to go to bed. There are countless occasions every day when our unconscious helps us, guides us, and looks after our best interests.

We use hypnosis to unlock the capacity of the unconscious mind to bring about therapeutic benefit. That is, we can consciously decide to call upon the unconscious whilst completely awake, to communicate and effect a positive change.

A skilled hypnotherapist brings this about by relaxing your conscious mind, guiding you into relaxation, and allowing your own creative intelligence to do its work.

From simple suggestions, to full analytical therapy, the two main parts of our mind need to agree in order for peace to have a chance. Any phobia is a good example of when the two parts of our mind are in disagreement: the conscious mind knows the spider cannot hurt us and chastises us constantly for being so afraid, whilst the unconscious continues to do its job of protecting us from what it believes is fearful.